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Leslie Harpold

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Dec. 14th, 2006 | 05:19 pm
mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable

Leslie Harpold passed away last week. She was one of the more intriguing members of the online community I've belonged to, off and on, since 1993. Anything I could possibly say has already been said by just about everyone of note in that community, but I felt a need to pass along one story that bubbled up in my head just five minutes ago.

The only time we met was at the (now infamous) DC get-together in 1996. I was rooming with Doug and Marco (and boy was that interesting), blissfully unaware of the issues involved in the securing of these rooms for the weekend. I was blissfully unaware of many things going on that weekend; if I was as aware of some of them then as I am now, I might not be kicking myself as hard now over certain things. Anyway: I wound up having dinner with the group she had attached herself to that Saturday night at some form of Asian restaruant. During the course of the meal, "Friends" came up as a discussion topic, and we all sat around the fortune cookies, dissing on the utter lameness of the show. At one point, Leslie said:

"You know who I can't stand? David Schwimmer. I've been referring to him as 'David Schwimmer, King of the Jews' for months now. Because, if you notice, he has to shove his Jewishness down your throat in everything he does. 'I'm David Schwimmer, and have you noticed I'm Jewish?' Pisses me off!"

(The above was a paraphrase; I think only the ideas of David as King of the Jews and him shoving it down your throat stuck from that meal.)

To this day, when I see David Schwimmer, I think, "crucify him!"

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